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Your Partner in Real Estate & Asset Management

Business, industry and commerce use their real estate related fixed reserves to improve business value and to generate further liquidity. Optimizing, spin-off or the sale of essential and non-essential assets allows for the redeployment of surplus capital.

In addition to revitilizing your assets we offer the development and marketing of existing and new property for best use and value enhancemet.

Domestic and foreign investors shape the national/international real estate markets through anti-cyclical behaviour. Focussing especially on large property stocks, which are expected to produce wealth creation due to their market price.

We offer analysis on your existent, and the development of new real estate for the purpose of optimizing your portfolio.

Funds, insurance firms, banks and real estate companies diversify their stocks through the purchase and sale of individual buildings or complete packages and profit from the volatility of the market to raise the value of their portfolios.

We offer you strategy, management and the marketing of small and larger assets so as to optimize their current value.

Public institutions reorganize and privatize their building and real estate management to corporate led organisations.
PPP models allow public authorities alternative possibilities to achieve permanent funding for the relief of their household budgets.

We assume the role of implementing professional management in extensive support regarding your assets and advise you on energy-saving in order to relieve your budget.

The Advantages of Cooperation:

Our broad knowledge in the realty sector guarantees the best strategy in a value oriented handling of your real estate assets.

Our extensive experience in business management ensures profound support at all levels of realty management.

Expert appraisal of your objectives ensures the marketability and supports the decision-making process.

We make the most out of your property! Allow us to convince you.